Sailor Moon Store Pickup (end of September)

I’ll be doing a pickup at the Sailor Moon Store this weekend. In addition to the below items, we can pickup anything else at the store, please feel free to ask. Be sure to read the info at the bottom before ordering. To see more/bigger pics, check out the Sailor Moon Store’s Twitter – @sailormoonstore or the Sailor Moon official website.

1. SMS original anniversary can badge set $10
2. Sailor Pluto or Sailor Saturn choker and earring set. Choose pierce or clip-on. $122 each
3. Sailor Moon costume $112 (one size, wig not included)
4. Luna Sweatshirt – black or grey. $82 Sizing:
S: Length 50 cm, Shoulder width 38.5 cm, Sleeve length 53 cm, Width 48 cm
M: Length 51 cm, shoulder width 41 cm, sleeve length 53 cm, width 50 cm
L: Length 52 cm, shoulder width 42 cm, sleeve length 56.5 cm, width 51.5 cm
Please order carefully, as no returns or exchanges are possible.
5. Prism Crystal Gachapon – Random! Can’t choose. $4 each IF you order other items, $6 if you only buy the gacha.
6. (soldout)
7. Luna pass case $44

8. Kewpie straps $14 each
9. Keychains – $10 each, full set of 10 for $95
10. Blind bag acrylic keychains $12 each
11. Clear tote/pouch combo $44
12. Vanity pouch $56
13. Leather goods: Inkan (name stamp) case $62; Leather strap $114 each
14. SMS original Lunch tote $35; pouch $25
15. Phone case for iPhone6/6S/7/8 (its very large) $70

16. Plush $28 each
17. Miracle Romance Starry Sky Music Box Shiny Cream $47 (Choose pink or gold)
18. Jeans $120
Sizing: Please order carefully, as no returns or exchanges are possible. 
S: Waist 67 cm, Rise 21 cm, Inseam 62.5 cm, Hip 72 cm
M: waist 70 cm, rise 22 cm, inseam 67 cm, hip 74 cm
L: Waist 73 cm, Rise 23 cm, Inseam 70 cm, Hip 78 cm
19. Cherie’s Closet doll dress – maybe in stock? $60 each
20. Kirakira shoulder bag $58, pouch $30 (phone case is sold out.)
21. Kirakira memo pad $9
*Claimed!* 22. *PREORDER* Store original anniversary watch – I don’t know if I’m allowed to order more than 1, so I’m only accepting 1 order. It is released some time in January. $120
23. Figuarts – maybe in stock?? $110

You can order any of the following to be combined with your SMS  order 🙂

a. Q-Pot box (empty box) $14
b. Sailor Moon eyedrops (empty bottle, can’t ship otherwise) $6
c. Sailor Moon eyedrops with Crystal Star case (empty bottle, can’t ship otherwise) $18
d. Uranus card stand $18
e. Jupiter Tsum $14
*Claimed!* f. Store original clip (was blind bag) Jupiter $12
g. Uranus or Jupiter clearfile $4 each
h. Moon clearfile $5

***How it works & other info***

  • The pickup date will ONLY be this weekend, Sept 29 or 30 – the items are preorder only. I will not “stock” anything.
  • Orders for this run must be made & paid for by 8 am Saturday 29th Sept Japan time.
  • Use my contact form here to let me know what you want.
  • The prices listed are USD, include my pickup fee and tax but not shipping.
  • After I receive your request, I’ll send you the first Paypal invoice. After pickup, I will weigh your items and send you the second Paypal invoice (for shipping). I may include shipping on the first invoice if I know what it will be.
  • I only ship via air with tracking or EMS. I can’t say how much shipping will be without the items on hand, but for example, 1-4 small items (can badge, keychain) to ship via air, including tracking would be about $7.  Adding another item wouldn’t double the price, rather, make it go up incrementally. Larger items cost more of course.
  • If you have questions please DO NOT contact me in multiple places (email and Instagram and Twitter etc.) It slows down my workflow and makes everyone’s responses take longer. Please contact me on one forum and I will get back to you.
  • Returns/exchanges/refunds are not possible.

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