Comiket 94: Pokemon showcase

Today I’m going to feature a few of the artists that will be at Comiket 94. If you want to order anything, please see this post here for details!

Circle: Omrice

Acrylic stands – I’m getting Chandelure for sure!

Doujin – I love their style. They also do cute comics about doggos ^.^
(Price on all items unknown.)

Circle: Fuyugomori

Here’s a few of their most recent works. Such a nice style! (Price on all items unknown.)

Circle: Pokebox

Pokebox is offering doujin, stickers, pouches, charms, and even a plush!

Circle: Clustbox

Color illustration book, I was drawn to the mushrooms. ¥400

Here are their other offerings. Might grab that Mimikyu acrylic strap!

Circle: Yuuyake Chiffon (+ others)

This is a 26 page full color illustration book, featuring various artist’s work based on the theme “Eeveelu + another”. ¥500

Circle: Mochimochi Namako

I’m really happy that this artist has made another Pyukumuku book, I really enjoyed the last one! (Price unknown)

Circle: Kurage no Tart (Jellyfish Tart)

These stickers are only ¥100 each!

Circle: Black Fang

It’s a Mystery Dungeon themed book! 108 pages, ¥800

Circle: Dosupopo

52 pages, full color illustrations featuring 30 guest artists, all of super fluffy Pokemon! ¥500 (Note: They’re on the “A” wall.)

Circle: Flare Drive

40 pages, full color anthology illustrations book ¥1000. Also, 2 Arcanine acrylic keychains, 1 for ¥600 or both for ¥1000.


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