Comiket 94 pickup and ordering information!

Comiket 94 is coming  August 10-11! I’ll be there for the first two days only, and can pick up doujinshi and goods for you. Please read the full post including FAQs before placing an order. 

Commission & fees 

I’m offering three types of service. The first is for those who know what they want, the second is for those who don’t, and the third is for corporate booths. (You can use all three services!)

Service 1 – You know exactly which booth/circle you want stuff from. You can either request certain books or just general things (Example: “I want any book this circle made about Pokemon, but no Digimon”)

Base rates:
~ ¥600 commission per inner booth, for up to 4 books (pink on the map in the FAQs)
~ ¥700 commission per end-of-row booth, for up to 4 books (green on the map in the FAQs)
~ ¥900 commission per A/シ/あ/れ-row outer wall booth that IS NOT on a shutter, for up to 4 books (blue on the map in the FAQs)
~  ¥1500 commission per A/シ/あ/れ-row  outer wall booth that IS a shutter location, for up to 4 books (yellow on the map in the FAQs)
~ Dakimakara are a flat fee of ¥3800 each (this includes booth visit and bulky item fee)

~ ¥1800 to receive the #1 gold priority slot – this means I will visit the booth of your choice first (up to 2 ppl can request this per day) (Recommended for shutter location circles – NOT available for inner booths or corporate) All Friday slots are sold out! Saturday SILVER slots are sold out!
~ ¥800 to receive the silver priority slot – these will be the first inner circle (pink on map below) booths we visit, after filling gold priority orders (up to 2 ppl can request this per day)
~ ¥300 extra for bulky items (mug, pillowcase, etc) (This is because I have to use a courier to send them home)
~ ¥100 extra for each additional book over 4 (postcards, cheki, other small items have no additional fee)
~ ¥500 more for popular cosplayer’s booths

Service 2 – You want doujinshi of a certain thing or property but don’t know anything about the artists. Examples: “I want doujinshi about cats!” “I want doujinshi about the Pokemon Sylveon!” “I want doujinshi with Ichimatsu from Osomatsu-san!” For this option, I use my discretion! My choices are not refundable. It’s kinda like getting a fun surprise! This year, I am only offering this service for Osomatsu-san, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and general animals. 

Base rates:

~ ¥1200 commission for up to 3 books/items about one property/theme
~ ¥1800 commission for 4-6 books about one property/theme
~ ¥2400 commission for 7-9 books about one property/theme

I don’t know all anime so please be sure to give me as much info as possible about what you’re looking for. I can also look for things like postcards, stickers, badges, etc.

Service 3 – Corporate booths

Corporate booths are no fun. It’s crazy crazy crowded and the lines are just awful. However, due to overwhelming demand, I’ve decided to accept a limited number of corporate orders – 8 booths per day.

Base rates:

~ ¥2000 commission per regular booth
~ ¥3000 for R18 booths
~ ¥300 commission extra per bulky item (mug, toy, pillowcase, etc) (This is because I have to use a courier to send them home)
~ Dakimakara are a flat fee of ¥3800 each (this includes booth visit and bulky item fee)

NOTE: I will NOT offer my priority service on corporate booths (the West Hall is a far far treck from the East Hall, where the doujins are). I will visit the corporate hall AFTER all doujin have been picked up that day.

How payment works

You will make two payments. The first will be a deposit, based on an estimation of costs. (If your items are not picked up for some reason you will be refunded within 3 days after the end of the event.) The deposit is commission + costs of items you’re buying (including paypal fees on the items). The second payment will be after the pickup, and will be any remaining balance plus shipping. I charge actual shipping + 150 yen materials fee (box, envelope, wrapping etc) + paypal fees for that shipping total. Deposit must be made by August 7. No cancellations or refunds after August 9.

About shipping

I only offer registered air shipping or EMS, which includes tracking (in some countries) and is proof I mailed your item. I am not responsible for your item after shipping – if something happens to your item in your country, it is up to you to talk to your local post office. I can only resend your item if it is returned to me by the post office (no refunds possible). It is your responsibility to be aware of your country’s local laws re: customs, duties, and potentially offensive material. Please do not ask me for shipping estimates! I have no idea until the item is in hand and I can weigh it. The only thing  I can estimate is that 1-3 regular size doujin would likely be about $8-$10 shipping.

How to Order

Please copy/paste the below and fill it out, one PER ARTIST/BOOTH. Please fill in as much information as you can. Send me an email using my contact form here. Be sure to include your Paypal email so I can send you an invoice.

Doujin or corporate:
Day (Friday or Saturday):
Location (East 1-2-3, East 4-5-6, East 7, West 1-2, West 3-4):
Names of items wanted and cost if known:
Link to item, Pixiv or other site:
Priority service requested? (Yes/no):

More notes / FAQs

~ Comiket is HUGE. 500,000 or more people attend. Because of this, I cannot communicate AT ALL during the event. First, the networks become really unreliable with that many people, and second, there is nowhere to stand.

~ Because of the amount of people, I can’t promise your items will be 100% mint. There could be minor wear on corners, etc, because of other’s handling or getting bumped in the bag. Do not order if you will be picky about minor flaws.

~ Why are there different prices? The booths on the outer wall, known as row A, are the most popular and generally have lines. The booths on the outer wall located near shutters are the most popular and the wait in lines for these artists is usually an hour or more. The shutters allow access to outside and thus accommodate long lines. The booths on the ends of the inner rows are generally more popular than the inner booths and often have lines as well (though shorter than the A row lines).

Pink = inner booths
Green = end-of-row booth
Blue = A-row, outer wall booth
Yellow = A-row, shutter booth

~ Will you pick up my book first? I receive many orders and plan my route in the most time effective way. The planning and order of pickup is at my discretion. If you’re really worried and have an order on the A-row (especially a shutter booth), I recommend using my priority service.

~ How do I know where a booth is located? I’ve provided a colored map that illustrates the inner rows, end-of-row booths, A-row outer booths, and shutter booths. If you don’t know your artist’s location, that’s ok! I can identify it for you and let you know an estimate.

~ I want the freebees the booth is giving away! We make every attempt to snag giveaways for our customers, but sometimes booths run out before we get there due to limited production. If you really want something, consider booking our priority slot.

~ Do you buy adult goods? Yes. If the item is legal in your country and for your age, I will pick it up. It is your responsibility to be aware of your country’s local laws re: customs, duties, and potentially offensive material – I’ve heard some countries confiscate adult materials. I will not purchase any adult items that have prepubescent children on the cover. If your item is returned to me or confiscated due to material, I cannot provide refunds.

~ What do they sell on each day? Each day the themes change. This time, Friday’s main themes are Type-Moon, RPG games, Square Enix, romance games, social games, Ensemble Stars, Touken Ranbu, Touhou Project, and fan made games; Saturday is Shoujo anime, Girls und Panzer, Love Live!, Hetalia, Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront), World Trigger, Haikyu!!, Kuroko’s Basketball, other anime, Yuri on Ice, Tiger & Bunny, Osomatsu-san, Gundam, music-related, TV & movies, cosplay, history, Attack on Titan, BL, and Yowamushi Pedal; Sunday is things that appeal to men, railroads, mechanics, Idol Master, gyaruge (games with pretty girls), and other stuff.

~ Why aren’t you going on Sunday? My business focus is primarily video games and women’s interests, though we’re happy to pick up anything that can be found on Friday and Saturday. Most of my client’s wants are found on the first two days. Besides, we are tired after 2 crazy days of Comiket war!

~ How many books do you pick up? A LOT.

Please use the contact form to make an order or inquiry!

Coming soon: For a list of circles that are on shutter booths, go to the next page (click page 2 below).

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