July 14 Sailor Moon Store pickups

We’ll be stopping by the Sailor Moon store on Saturday July 14. These new store exclusive bag charms will be available, for $38 each.

We can also pick up any other items available at the store! See previous posts for some of the items and prices:

***How it works & other info***

  • The pickup date will be July 14 or 15 – the items are preorder only. I will not “stock” anything. I can possibly do dates after but items may sell out.
  • Orders for this initial run must be made & paid for by 8pm Friday July 13 Japan time.
  • Use my contact form here to let me know what you want.
  • The prices listed include my pickup fee and tax but not shipping.
  • After I receive your request, I’ll send you the first Paypal invoice. After pickup, I will weigh your items and send you the second Paypal invoice (for shipping). I may include shipping on the first invoice if I know what it will be.
  • I only ship via air with tracking or EMS. I can’t say how much shipping will be without the items on hand, but for example, 1-4 small items (can badge, keychain) to ship via air, including tracking would be about $6.50.  Adding another item wouldn’t double the price, rather, make it go up incrementally. Larger items cost more of course.
  • If you have questions please DO NOT contact me in multiple places (email and Instagram and Twitter etc.) It slows down my workflow and makes everyone’s responses take longer. Please contact me on one forum and I will get back to you.
  • Returns/exchanges/refunds are not possible.
  • If for some reason your items are returned to me in the post (and it wasn’t due to an error on my part), it is your responsibility to pay for shipping again. I cannot provide refunds.

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